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Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012 - Matthew 13:31-35

In today's first reading, God instructs the prophet Jeremiah to take a loin cloth and hide it in a cleft of a rock. After a length of time, God tells Jeremiah to go back to the rock and inspect the loin cloth but Jeremiah finds it rotted. God then tells Jeremiah that the loin cloth represents "the pride of Judah" and "the great pride of Jerusalem". He calls them "wicked people...who walk in the stubborness of their hearts" (Jer 13:1-11).

It got me to thinking of how many times I chose not to follow God or Jesus Christ. It was during those times that were the most turbulent for me. Since strengthening my relationship with God and Christ, I have been able to withstand many obstacles. Trusting in God gives you hope, even if that help doesn't come to you right away, you learn to wait in the fullness of time for God to act. That peace of mind is more valuable than any material object I want or need.

"Lord, in the fullness of time, I trust in you to protect me from all anxiety. I will wait in continued joy for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. - Amen"

Meditation: Matthew 13:31-35 (

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