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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aug 25, 2012 - Jos 24:1-2a, 15-17, 18b

Today is the first Sunday in Ordinary Time. It is also the day I was chosen to read the first reading at today's 11:15am Mass. It was the reading from the book of Joshua. Joshua, in this reading, challenged the Isralites to make a choice between false gods or the true God that led them from slavery in the land of Egypt.

As I read the verses, I imagined a large group of leaders of the community gathered around to hear Joshua talk. Joshua, who was Moses' apprentice, was a well respected leader in his community. He led the Isaelites in conquering the land of Canaan after Moses died. Joshua was putting his cards on the table. He MADE his choice and was frustrated over the fact that his people were turning away from the true God that saved them from bondage. No beating around the bush, it was either a take or leave it situation.

After Mass, I went to the reception hall to mingle with the congregation and I was approached by Sister Rita. Sister Rita is so tiny that I didn't even notice her approaching me when she tapped me on the shoulder. She said "I enjoy hearing you, you are a very good lector....would you consider volunteering for our ESL program?" I was humbled that this little tiny nun came across the room to speak to me and ask me that question. Clearly she was moved by God to come and seek me out. At this moment, I reflected on my reading and thought to myself, "she is asking me to make a choice to follow God and be a leader in your community by volunteering". She was very sweet and I did not have the heart to turn her down.

God comes to you in many ways. Sometimes you don't recognize it. Other times, he grabs your attention immediately so that your left in amazement that he chose you. In either case, it feels wonderful to know that your efforts to follow God and spread his Gospel bears fruit. A fruit that feeds one person or a multitude.

"Dear God, you came to me today and asked me to volunteer. I accepted gladly because you are always there for me when I need you. Thank you for choosing me. Through Jesus Christ our Lord...Amen"

Meditation: John 6:60-69 (

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