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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Aug 1, 2012 - Matthew 13:44-46

Today's first reading, Jer 15:10, 16-21, speaks to us about repentence. One particular verse stood out for me that says "in my presence you shall stand". I've often thought about how life would be in isolation without God. I recall the many times that I have chosen to distance myself from God. But even during those times, God was always trying to reach out to me. It was not until I truly repented that I felt God's presence in my heart.

The Lord goes on to say, "For I am with you to deliver and rescue you".  What a wonderful feeling to know that God is with me to lift me up when I fall. That is why our sacrament of reconiliation is so vital to being closer to God.

"Lord, you life me up when I fall. I accept you as my Savior and only wish to do good. Free me from the shackles of sin, so that you may deliver me and rescue me"  - Amen

Meditation: Matthew 13:44-46 (

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